Zac and nikki dating

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Zac and nikki dating

--Alhutch , 19 February 2006 (UTC) I am tired of continually reverting lovesick teenyboppers, so I've put a brief comment to the effect that they will be reverted.If anyone thinks this is inappropriate, please feel free to remove it.the "teenage boys" Obli was talking about who commit vandalism on this page.Shouldn't there be a lock on this page that prevents anonymous or new users from editing this page? Williams , 11 July 2006 (UTC) This article has been fully protected for a week and a half, nominally because of vandalism.sweetheart Vanessa Hudgens that should be published in tabloids this week.

They are erased for want of a reputable source, see Wikipedia: Citing sources. The article now reads: "Although of Jewish ancestry, Efron was raised in an agnostic household.[7]" Awkwardly put.

But I can rest assured that several dedicated vandal fighters have this on their watchlist. I have found several sites that reference a character he played on NCIS being arrested for DUI and posession of an open container, this was a character, not the actor.

I found this one; Image: Zac-1.jpg, uploaded by User: Chirchona, but I don't think at it's a non-copyrigthed picture, if it is, we might have more young female visitors on Wikipedia in the future... It is verifiable that he was in an episode ( but I have not been able to find a good synopsis to verify storyline.

Then, with fast-access DSL, I typed his name into the Wikipedia search box.

As much as I HATE vandalism, I HATE it when Zac Efron is a subject to Jeff Hardy and Bam Margera followers (I have really got to stop talking like Law & Order: SVU detective Elliot Stabler and editing like a cop), i.e.

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Furthermore, is it worth implementing some protection for the page?

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