Youth lesson on dating

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The good news is that youth violence is preventable!!

According to Janet Benavente from Colorado State University, researchers agree on prevention resources for youth violence: In addition, the CDC recognizes that universal school-wide prevention approaches have the best success rate of reducing violence and other risk behaviors in youth.

Some of these protective factors include: High IQ Perceived sanctions for misbehavior Warm and caring family Parental monitoring Commitment to school Recognition for involvement in conventional activities Peers who participate in conventional activities Youth Violence Awareness How as school counselors can we expand these preventive factors in school?

: Unite in Action National Youth Violence Awareness Month Activities Think about hosting a youth violence awareness week.

Tax collectors in Jesus’ day were the lowest of the low.

People really despised them, and for kind of good reason.

For example, if you owed 0 they would charge you 5 and keep the extra .

So, it’s pretty obvious why people didn’t like Zacchaeus. People didn’t like him and he didn’t have a lot of friends, so it was pretty surprising that Jesus wanted to go to his house.

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And there’s one last thing we can learn from this story.

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