Wvdial not updating resolv conf

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Blocking google mail, which so many people use now, is stupid and arbitrary (especially when they have the information that I am over 70). After they removed the block I could access google mail when running the t-mobile software on windows, but not when using linux. In response I got this: I'm pleased to hear that you're happy with the help we gave you.The web site says you can remove the block interactively, but that works only for phone users not mobile broadband users. We appreciate hearing comments like these and will keep working hard to continue this high level of service.I suspect our computer officers would not allow such devices to be used in our department.Battery can be charged either via Usb socket or wall charger (includes a usb socket).I've used it on trains and at conferences where eduroam was not available.I mostly use it with wifi at home or on campus so don't need the 4G service much, but when I do, e.g.I don't know what would happen in trains, hotels, etc.

I acquired a PAYG sim from EE who transferred my old mobile phone number (Orange) to the Sim.[Starting then cancelling this was recommended by the person in the Three shop.] You can cancel the contract with 1 month notice, and after that go for one of the cheaper 12 month 12GB three sims available on Ebay/Amazon.I can report that the device is much simpler to use than a typical mobile broadband dongle.WARNING 1: The t-mobile service has an under-18 lock which is turned on by default to prevent access to 'social networks'. NOTE: some time after I wrote that (and complained to t-mobile) the fault disappeared and I can now connect to google mail, google groups. WARNING 2: I tried the linux mechanisms below with a newer t-mobile mobile broadband usb stick (model 150) bought for someone to use in hospital (3 months Mobile Broadband plus usb stick for £44.03). It does not switch to modem mode, although the device is recognised.This even blocks google mail and signing in to a google account, though not yahoo mail. This has the Huawei E1630 device (according to the label on the stick) It worked on windows, though only with its own web'n'walk manager, not the older one. I wrote to t-mobile support (via their web site) and mentioned that I could not find any information on how to use my pay-as-you go t-mobile web-n-walk stick to access the internet outside the UK.

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Commands for sending text messages and interrogating the system from a text editor (the poplog editor Ved) are available.

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