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Wine and dating

Expect a group of around 20-30 people at each event made up of an equal number of girls and guys.

These are not a formal wine tasting events as there are really all about socialising, but you will come away with some handy tips and a general grounding in wine. We'll kick off with a basic introduction on how to properly taste wine and a description of the wines on offer at.

The wines you try will be up to you and it's possible to purchase more credit if you'd like to try some more.

Socialise as you sip with up to 50 people at these events.

You'll get to meet a lot of people face to face for short 'dates' lasting just 4 minutes.

It's great fun, highly effective and totally rejection-free because no contact details are exchanged on the night, you find out who you mutually matched with the next day. There's then a brief introduction explaining the event format and you'll get straight into your first four minute 'date'.

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We organise a wide range of dating events and parties across London designed to appeal to a range of people covering various interest and age groups.