Will updating my iphone lock it unrated onlinedating

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Will updating my iphone lock it

When the installation is complete, you may need to restart your computer in order to run the new version of i Tunes.

Once you restart your computer (if you had to restart it), open i Tunes again.

(You may see your computer automatically installing the necessary drivers; if so, let this run.)Once all the necessary drivers are installed, i Tunes will recognize your i Phone.

The phone's name (which you gave it when you activated it) will appear under the "Devices" heading in the menu that runs on the left side of the i Tunes screen.i Tunes may begin backing up and syncing your i Phone automatically, depending on whether or not you've set it to sync automatically.

Click this to manually check for an update; if your i Phone is already running the most current version, you'll see a pop up message saying "This version of i OS (x.x.x)* is the current version." That means no updated software is available.* = version of the software.

If a new i OS update is available, you should have already clicked "Update".

I dont want to unlock my phone everytime i update because it will vost £15.its also a virgin phone but is unlocked and currently on vodafone.my updates come from virgin mobile so im wondering if updating the software will re-lock the phone.You'll see a pop-up message from i Tunes, notifying you that it is about to update your i Phone's software and that it will verify the update with Apple.Click "Update" again to continue.i Tunes may then present you with information about the new features in the software update and the hardware required to install it.

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Accept all prompts necessary to install the updated software.

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