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"Being the property was not his, he could not exactly go to the person's property and knock a wall down," said Grams, "So it was suggested he take a polygraph test, the polygraph test results determined he was telling the truth," he added.

The car — if it even still exists — has still not been discovered and Grams admits he doesn't actually know who the owner would be, Barris or Dean's relatives.

less Peaches Geldof, age 25 The British socialite was found dead at her home in England in April 2014.

The married mother-of-two's death was attributed to a heroin overdose, which is the same cause of death as her ...

"He went up [to the crash site in 1955] and actually claimed the wreck and sold off different pieces of it." According to Lozzi, the Porsche was stolen from a locked container in 1960.

"It would be exciting if it was the real car, we aren't saying that it is a hoax," said Lozzi, who added, "we've been through this before.

The crash site: To deepen the mystery, the Porsche disappeared decades ago, according to Brian Grams of the Volo Auto Museum in Volo, Illinois.

TMZ also reports that friends say the star was upbeat the night before he died, adding that he was dating someone new who made him happy.

If you can do better than that, there may be a million dollars in it for you.

When James Dean famously died in a car crash just after completing “Giant,” Warner Bros.

age 31The "Glee" star died July 13, 2013 due to a heroin and alcohol overdose.

Reports say that he had substance abuse problems since he was 13 years old. Take a look at the other celebrities we lost way too soon. age 31 The "Glee" star died July 13, 2013 due to a heroin and alcohol overdose.

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more Skye Mc Cole Bartusiak, age 21Bartusiak died at her home in Houston, Texas on July 18, 2014.