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Who is mat kearney dating

I’m out of touch with what’s on top 40 radio these days, but I’m pretty sure Kearney makes the kind of stuff that belongs there.And unlike a lot of that material, if Kearney’s music came on the dial I’m pretty sure I’d turn it up – whether I had heard it before or not." Christian Music Zine's David Huey said it "is definitely more of a pop album than how he began his career. You know how some pop albums feel like every song is exactly the same song with different lyrics? I’m not the world’s biggest pop music fan, and I was able to listen straight through without wanting to skip around.This is definitely a positive album, rather than a Christian album.If you’re looking for vertical worship music, this isn’t what you want.You are in pain every time you you can two associated with these.However, it doesnt always need to be that manner in which.

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Young Love is the fourth studio album from Nashville singer-songwriter, Mat Kearney.

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None of the tracks seem to be flippantly thrown in to clutter the album; they are all significant inclusions and worth a listen." Jesus Freak Hideout Nathaniel Schexnayder said it "works just fine in its own niche, I can’t help but wonder how the final result would have sounded if the album would have featured a little more the very best of what Kearney offered on previous efforts.