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The band’s predilection for sunny, Beach Boys/Tom Petty-inspired Pacific Ocean roots rock may suggest a West Coast inception, but the California natives’ transition from friends to band took place out east at New York University.

A limited number of wristbands for entry will be handed out starting at 6 pm outside KGS. — Crystal Antlers formed in January 2006 in Long Beach, California.

Although a kiss on the cheek might have been more subtle in this environment, kissing on the lips with eyes closed is an intimate expression of love and genuinely enjoying each other." Here, Jessica grabs Justin's hands with tension in the fingers as if she's leaning on her husband for physical stability — but also for emotional support.

"Among lots of people and cameras and paparazzi, he grounds her," Cobb says of the couples' hand positioning.

"They maintain their connection through touch." "When two people lead with the same leg while walking, it means they're emotionally in sync," Cobb says.

The couple's clasp is even more telling: Compared to lovebirds who hold hands loosely, Jessica and Justin interlock their fingers, which provides more surface area to touch.

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"He's letting her know silently, ‘I've got you honey — I'm here for all your needs.' " The way Jessica leans into Justin in this photo suggests a level of trust, according to Cobb.

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