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Who is eric nies dating

“I think they felt I ruined our chances to be a bigger success.” Now teamed with a new group, Milkweed, and dating a 26-year-old waitress, Comeau (who also plays drums and piano) moonlights as a sound-effects editor in Los Angeles.

He ruefully compares his MTV pigeonholing to that of a certain Gilligan’s Island castaway.

And though she has lost weight since her Real World days, she laments the sleekness of subsequent casts. But it wasn’t his mind, he says, that attracted the casting agent who discovered him at a Manhattan restaurant—it was his funky overalls. “I had to start working on some of my own issues.” Powell, now 35, has leveraged that self-discovery into a career on the college circuit, lecturing about race, politics and the media.

“If I ever had to do it over again, I wouldn’t.” Bemoaning MTV’s love of reruns, he adds, “Three months of my life has now been examined and reexamined for 10 years!

There’s nothing I can do to get out of the mold.” Appearing on The Real World, he says, also wreaked havoc on his music career.

“When it is time to have a woman in my life, it will happen,” he says.

Meanwhile, he keeps busy as a volunteer spokesman for Operation Fit Kids, promoting exercise for children.

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(Nies won a legal judgment against the man but never recovered the money.) Despairing, Nies drove to the Jersey Shore to commit suicide.

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