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Legions of Wimbledon fans may find it hard to credit in the man who once defined bad behaviour on the tennis court, but Jimmy Connors says he ‘turned on the charm’ the first time he chatted up Chris Evert.

He claims they were repeatedly unfaithful to each other, and strongly hints — without actually stating it — that his fiancée became pregnant by him and had an abortion against his wishes shortly before they were due to get married.

Retiring from tennis in 1989, aged 34, Evert settled down to have a family.

They had three sons — Alex, now 21, Nicky, 18, and Colton, 16 — and Mill, who was deferential and good-looking, seemed a perfect fit.

Evert would have had to make the tennis sacrifices.

She and the likeable Lloyd both came from tight-knit tennis families of modest means.

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Her ‘mood swings could drive anyone crazy’, and while he was immensely supportive, she treated him ‘like some sort of house husband’.

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