When did alexis bledel and milo ventimiglia start dating

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When did alexis bledel and milo ventimiglia start dating

Here, Us Weekly takes a look back at their love story — and how the actress covered up her pregnancy! Us Weekly exclusively revealed in June 2012 that Bledel and Kartheiser were dating.

The couple first met when the former child actress had a multi-episode arc on his beloved, universally acclaimed AMC series, Mad Men, in its fifth season. "We never — it was nothing, it was just work." added: "Honestly, they're a really good match.

It's not just that I thought they would look cute together." Bledel previously romanced her Gilmore Girls costar Milo Ventimiglia from 2002 to 2006.

Kartheiser was linked to Rachael Leigh Cook in 1998.

Her character, Rory, has yet to make up with fast-talking mom Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and is still blowing off Yale while dating questionable rich boy Logan. I would just stay out later than I was supposed to. I was okay with waiting until I got to college to do things my parents probably didn’t want me to do. Milo’s character is going to come back this season, actually. I don’t want to give it away, but he does show up in Rory’s life. I don’t think she’s going to get pregnant, but my guess is as good as yours because they don’t tell me what’s going to happen. She’s either going to end up back there or start a career of some sort.

The 24-year-old Bledel (), who was in Washington, D. This season is weird because so far Lauren’s character and my character are in a rift. You’re still dating Milo Ventimiglia , who played Jesse on . He has some news for her, and he influences her in a pretty big way. I think everybody who has been dating for more than a couple of years probably talks about it at some point. It’s closer than most mother-daughter relationships. My mom has always been a friend to me, but it’s always awkward to talk about sex, especially if you’re a teenager.

She likes to go out in the Hollywood scene and that's not his style.

"She’s really blossomed as a woman and now she’s a proud new mother and married and happy," he told the mag.

"We’re comparing notes because my son [Nick, born July 2014] is about a year and a half older than her young son.

I’m showing her photos and videos and what to expect.

revival amping up dedicated fans everywhere, it’s not hard to wonder what all of the Stars Hollow residents have been up to in the almost 10 years since fans last visited the mother-daughter duo.

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