Vietnames american dating

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Vietnames american dating

The majority of Vietnamese immigrants who obtain lawful permanent residence in the United States (also known as receiving a “green card”) qualify as family-sponsored immigrants or as immediate relatives of U. Click here for an interactive map that shows the geographic distribution of immigrants by state and county.

Select Vietnam from the dropdown menu to see which states and counties have the highest distributions of Vietnamese immigrants.

In 2014, median household income among Vietnamese immigrants was ,933, compared to ,487 for all immigrant households and ,565 for U. This is due in part to the larger-than-average size of many households headed by Vietnamese immigrants. Integrated Public Use Microdata Series: Version 6.0 [Machine-readable database].

Vietnamese immigrants were also less likely to be in poverty than the overall immigrant population and the native born. In 2014, 76 percent of the 1.3 million Vietnamese immigrants residing in the United States were naturalized citizens, compared to 47 percent of the overall foreign-born population.

S.-sponsored evacuation program following the end of the Vietnam War.

“Family-sponsored preferences” apply to adult children and siblings of U. citizens as well as spouses and children of green-card holders. Vietnamese nationals are not eligible for the lottery.

Health Coverage Vietnamese immigrants in 2014 were less likely to be uninsured (13 percent) than the overall foreign-born population (27 percent).

In 2014, 14 percent of Vietnamese immigrants lived in poverty, compared to 19 percent and 15 percent for foreign- and U. Immigration Pathways and Naturalization Vietnamese immigrants are much more likely to be naturalized U. The majority (71 percent) of Vietnamese immigrants arrived in the United States prior to 2000.

Another 19 percent arrived between 20, and a further 10 percent arrived in 2010 and after (see Figure 5). In contrast, a second wave of Vietnamese refugees, commonly known as “boat people,” arrived in the late 1970s.

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