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Victoria secret tabloid dating

"It was: ' Of course she's hitting on that guy. In the Hungarian countryside, she adds, people wake up and do a shot of pálinka, a lip-curling fruit brandy.

“Nice seeing you, man.” “What a great actor,” Leo says, shaking his head in disbelief at how great an actor and friend and overall person Hill is.

“They got together about a month ago in NYC and are still hooking up,” an insider close to Anne, 26, reveals to Life & Style. I guess Alex and Charlize Theron didn’t end up making it happen – it was probably just a few dates, a few hookups here and there.

The Russian-born beauty isn’t being coy about her current conquest, either. God knows, maybe they’re even friends with benefits still. It takes superior skills to go from Adam Levine (a blemish on any sexual resume) to Alex Skarsgard (the platinum internship of Boning).

“This is my friend, unidentified blonde woman,” she says.

Her friend—tall, blonde, also a model—lags slightly behind. “We don’t want a repeat of that horrendous double date with Toni and her friend, do we? Alina and Leo hug and kiss and then Alina steps back to introduce unidentified blonde woman. Leo chuckles along half-heartedly, before shooting a look at Maguire.

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Whenever she's not shoot-ing for international fashion magazines, Palvin returns to her roots in Europe. "There are a lot of competitive girls in the industry, so you just find the ones who share your mentality." and break into acting.