Uruguay singles online dating 2016 uy

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Uruguay singles  online dating 2016 uy

(:amk,lhl:) is assigned on 15 March to become the first registered domain.

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Though flamed by many at the time, emoticons became widely used after Scott Fahlman suggested the use of :-) and :-( in a CMU BBS on 19 September 1982 CSNET (Computer Science NETwork) built by a collaboration of computer scientists and Univ of Delaware, Purdue Univ, Univ of Wisconsin, RAND Corporation and BBN through seed money granted by NSF to provide networking services (especially email) to university scientists with no access to ARPANET.

CSNET later becomes known as the Computer and Science Network.

(October) International Network Working Group (INWG) formed in October as a result of a meeting at ICCC identifying the need for a combined effort in advancing networking technologies. By 1974, INWG became IFIP WG 6.1 (:vgc:) First ARPANET mailing list, Msg Group, is created by Steve Walker.

Einar Stefferud soon took over as moderator as the list was not automated at first.

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