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For reasons now lost in the mists of time, the Jabber project continued to use the DTD from draft-dawson-vcard-xml-dtd-01, making two small modifications to adapt it for use within the Jabber community (adding the JABBERID and DESC elements) but also specifying element names in all caps rather than lowercase as defined in draft-dawson-vcard-xml-dtd-01.

Unfortunately, Dawson's proposal did not move forward within the IETF's standards process.

Few users know it, but the video card has a BIOS too, which just like the motherboard BIOS can be updated.

It is in the video card BIOS that the manufacturer fixes bugs in the video card or in the graphic chip that may have been discovered after the launching of the card on the market.

If you use multiple accounts on your Mac like i Cloud, Gmail, and Yahoo, make sure that i Cloud is your default Calendar account: If you get a calendar request that you think might be spam or junk, let us know.

Sign in to i with your Apple ID and go to the Calendar app.

This document is not a standards-track specification within the XMPP Standards Foundation's standards process; however, it might be converted to standards-track in the future or might be obsoleted by a more modern protocol.1. If a user attempts to perform an IQ set on another user's v Card (i.e., by setting a 'to' address to a JID other than the sending user's bare JID), the server MUST return a stanza error, which SHOULD be Note: The use of v Cards is not limited to accounts associated with human users.

In addition, the Jabber community followed the usage (but not DTD) in that draft regarding version information, including it as an attribute of the v Card element rather than as a child element.

If you don’t want to take any changes doing such modifications, you may also download ready BIOs from the Internet (BIOS in which such modifications were done and tested by other users).Open the event that you wish to mark as Junk, click Report Junk, then click OK.We'll automatically delete the event from your Calendar on all your devices signed in with the same Apple ID. v Cards are an existing and widely-used standard for personal user information storage, somewhat like an electronic business card. In 19, Frank Dawson submitted four revisions of an Internet-Draft proposing to represent the standard v Card format in XML. Other users may then view one's v Card information.

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For instance, at find an extensive list of BIOS for video cards that use ATI chips and at find BIOS of video cards that use NVIDIA chips.