Updating kalyway

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Updating kalyway

Update: I got my new laptop and i'm making an instructable for 10.5.2, look for it within the next few days.


Name it somthing that you would like to see on your desktop because it will be there.

Once it is formatted, close the disk utility and continue through the prompts.

If you have any doubts, you can get them cleared @geeknizer on Twitter Steps to install: 1. Now type -v and press enter now entered in VERBOSE mode, this will enable you to see any errors if they occur.

Download OSx86 10.5.x Go to your favorite torrent site and Download 10.5.x of your favorite flavor among the listed ones. In case your screen freezes for more than 10 minutes than note last lines and google them to find out a solution for your problem.

From the menu Click Utilities Journaled Extended” and click Erase. Close the disk utility and agree to the terms and conditions, then select the partition which you erased recently. Customize the Install The most important part is this step.

(smaller file) (please seed when done)-(You May Lose Data In This Step) The os x dvd does not have a very good partitioning tool. You need: Your XP/Vista partition An os x partition Fat32 (Optional but recomended) an os share partition.It is recommended to remove all the extra unnecessary languages as they take up about 2 gigs. for this, I`ll use the Windows boot loader rather than chameleon boot loader built-in to OS X.This helps you prevent re-fixing MAC OS installation when you re-install windows at some time in future.Then the text will change and you get 10x more text than before. Once you see "welcome to Ja S..." you go up to the top of the screen, click utilities, and click disk utility. You need to select the partition you made earlier for os x and erase it as The mac os filesystem (journaled), aka the top one.

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