Updating firmware on unlocked iphone

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Next, enter the command "fastboot oem unlock RCD_LOCK", where RCD_LOCK is the code that came to the mail. It helped manually add the missing files to the batch file, for exampleafter Fastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.8Finish Fastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.9If you sewed through RSD, then I can not suggest anything, because Always sewed through the console. Can the concrete working version of SU be known, so as not to deal with selection with subsequent re-flashing? ) And does the device return to the factory settings in the process of receiving the root rights?After entering the command, the message "Bootloader Unlocked" should appear on the phone screen. Video instruction on unlocking the bootloader- download firmware in * format - for firmware through custom recovery.- Download the phone in TWRP, make backup firmware, which is installed;- connect the phone in TWRP mode to the PC, copy the firmware backup and the files you need on the PC (skip if you have a memory card and the files on it)- make wipe of all (and internal memory too), - wipe in advanced menu. Midzunotatsu, When unlocking the body loader, it returns to the factory settings.Prior to the appointment of the curator, on the filling cap, please contact Guys, help out! It stood EU Stock (Android 6.0.1) - XT1635-02_ADDISON_RETEU-EMEA_MPN24.104-25_cid50Unlocked. It's because the hat is created as a step-by-step instruction, so that there are no superfluous questions, and then you forget where to take something, you'll have to break the Inet again. ((((Well, the launcher was on the Chinese firmware, several chips were more interesting in my opinion.: W3bsit3-dns.com: The other day I took this unit, I wanted Moto for a long time, I hope I will not be disappointed: rolleyes: Well, in the forefront of a small experience in obtaining rue, etc.Toxa55, What makes Moto wonderful is that they all sew the same. (Before that, Moto has never had to face, if I write something to everyone known - in advance, sorry: blush:): Get the body completely ready for further modification of the system (recovery, rut, deodex, etc.)1. Unlocking the buta was a great success, from the first without any problems, but further attempts to get root-rights invariably led to a bootlop.Everything you do - you do at your own peril and risk - neither the administration of w3bsit3nor the authors of firmware, mods, programs, instructions, do not bear responsibility for your actions.

DAUNGRADE from 8.0 soak test to 7.1.1 - positive only with TWRP (well, or, theoretically, through fastboot - sew only boot and system).

A clean firmware is recommended for a cardinal change of firmware - it does not leave "tails", unwanted files, etc. Usual - when changing firmware is not cardinally - another version of the mod, etc. Unzip, add the downloaded TWRP file to the Addison_TWRP folder, rename it to twrp.img4. Glebvz, I agree, if you are not the first time through Fast Booth you sew.

Update mode - for not much-named version of the same firmware XDA thread1. Run the from the folder, make your choice, follow the instructions.5. And I, for example, the last 3 years on the Samsung, it's all through Odin.

OS 3.1 contains a baseband update 5.11.04 BB for i Phone 3G and 3GS.

If you are curious to update your i Phone then hold your horses and read this post.

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But in normal use it does not turn off the screen when the face is not in the frame.

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