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Updating dataenvironment commands

Or do I issue an Append Blank for the tables in the 'Save' button at the end to force a blank row in the tables and then do a Table Update() Or since the 'Buffer Override' proiperty is set to 5 - it should take care of appending a row for the new record.I am not sure what we are doing wrong - but evidently some piece of code is not in the right place and hence the screwup.Other people do new records in a form with unbound controls, which in my oppinion is a waste of double implementation of the same thing.I can really recommend using append blank for the case of form based data entry starting with blank new records.

) ELSE *-- impossible lock error solving ENDIF "Sometimes the values are inserted into the table. The table itself cannot change record pointer to the first record. To say what's wrong is impossible without detail review and this forum is probably not so good place for such work.

In the moment you need to automatically add values, which can't be done by default values of fields in case of free tables, you can use insert to eg insert the next id value into the new record.

But you can also do that with replace, it doesn't matter much, as its all first only done to the buffer.

And by the way append blank also locks the header in an unbuffered dbf, every write operation on a dbf does lock it's header, there is no exception.

See help chapter "Locking Data", "Commands that Automatically Lock Records and Tables" Append Blank is in that list with a table header lock: see tablupdate() being mentioned there with the note 'depends on buffering', I'd add depends on single or all row updates) This may have been true in some earlier foxpro versions, but as far as I know foxpro since version 6, there has not been a sinlge command or function to add records to a dbf, which does not also lock the header to also change the reccount in the header for example.

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Table Update() should be OK, but I am rather using my own Data record buffer created by SCATTER MEMO NAME THISFORM.

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