Triangulum constellation dating ariane

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Triangulum constellation dating ariane

Hesiod and Aratos gave this title, both also saying ; but by this adjective he designed only to characterize the brilliancy of the star, and not to distinguish it from the Lesser Dog.

The Greeks did not know the two Dogs thus, nor did the comparison appear till the days of the Roman Vitruvius.

Scera is cited by Grotius for the star, and Sceara for the whole, derived from an old lexicon; and Alsere; but he traced all to The late Finnish poet Zakris Topelius accounted for the exceptional magnitude of Sirius by the fact that the lovers Zulamith the Bold and Salami the Fair, after a thousand years of separation and toil while building their bridge, the Milky Way, upon meeting at its completion,, or Dog, of the Rig Veda awakening the Ribhus, the gods of mid-air, who "thus calls them to their office of rain sending," a very different office from that assigned to this star in Rome.Or it may have come from being confounded by Bayer, none too careful a compiler, with the It was, of course, important in Euphratean astronomy, and is shown on remains from the temples and mounds, variously pictured, but often just as Aratos described it and as drawn on maps of the present day, — standing on the hind feet, watching or springing after the Hare.Professor Young describes the figure as one "who sits up watching his master Orion, but with an eye out for Lepus." A Dog, presumably this with another adjacent, is represented on an ivory disc found by Schliemann on his supposed site of Troy; and an Etruscan mirror of unknown age bears it with Orion, Lepus, the crescent moon, and correctly located neighboring stars, whileº both of the Dogs, the Dragon, Fishes, Swan, Perseus, the Twins, Orion, and the Hare are described as on the Shield of Hercules in the old poem of that title generally attributed to Hesiod.Embora tenha sido fotografada para explorar simetrias incomuns, são as assimetrias que tornam esta nebulosa planetária tão intrigante.Nem a forma incomum da concha externa mais fria, nem a estrutura ou a disposição das frias faixas filamentárias de poeira que atravessam NGC 3132 são bem compreendidas.

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Edward Sachau's translation of Al Bīrūnī's Chronology renders it Sirius Jemenicus.