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Totally free sex chat browes and date

Where I grew up (the UK) it is completely normal, typical and acceptable to engage in conversation with shopkeepers.

Sometimes the entire queue could stop and simply have a collective chat with the shopkeeper about some random thing, such as the weather, and such spontaneous conversations take place frequently.

The only thing that the job requires is that the worker to be nice to their customer (most of the times).

As long as she's doing anything related to her job (which does involve commuting to and from her home) you leave her alone.

I think OP should probably take advice from local friends and ask what's expected there.

This might be a Western European city, or an 'East' German village, who knows.

My advice would be to tentatively engage in a light cashier-related conversation, even if it's just a "Hello again" and a pleasant smile.

As the others have pointed out, you have got a bit of a captive audience and that needs to be respected.

My question is how I can ask for her number, or ask her out for coffee while she is only sitting at the checkout?If you get declined, however rudely, don't go complaining.This will make things even more uncomfortable/annoying for the employee and might even cause her to face a reprimand at work if her employer doesn't fully understand what happened.Make sure everything is paid for, and walk away immediately after giving her that card. For me, this was the least offensive way someone ever 'shopped' for me, because due to professionalism I could just ignore it.But if she's more sensitive, even this will upset her, freak her out and make her uncomfortable every time she has to help you again.

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I hope you have the common sense to not stalk her, to find out where she lives or what she does in her free time just to find a loophole and ask her there.