Toro mower dating

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Toro mower dating

"Flymo" is a brand name of the Swedish company Husqvarna AB, formerly a part of Electrolux.Flymo mowers are powered rotary push lawn mowers that use a fan above the spinning blades to drive air downwards, thereby creating an air cushion that lifts the mower off the ground like a hovercraft.They also have the MTD product's name, address and customer service phone number listed across the bottom.If a product identification tag has been rendered illegible, or the numbers are not valid within our online support systems, it will be necessary to call in and speak directly with a Technical Support Agent for assistance in properly identifying these products. The technicians there will ask you a number of questions while researching our historical manufacturing archives in an effort to determine the model number and manufacturing data of the product. They are located in the former location of Pro Green Plus.

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The operator can then more easily move the mower as it floats on this cushion over the grass.

Hover mowers are necessarily light in order to achieve the air cushion and typically have plastic bodies with an electric motor.

Once the model number and manufacturing data are properly identified, we suggest writing the number in the Owner's Manual so it is readily available.

You could also write it on the product with an indelible marker or an engraving tool.

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