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Associated recommendations of disciplinary action have been selected and included…Stone sculptors aren't usually the ones to discuss patina. Maybe they felt pity for what was about to happen to me, maybe they didn’t. Did I…Welcome to the Site 31 Modulated Message System (M. The origin…The five cloaked figures moved through the forest without sound, their crouched frames almost floating through the morning twilight.

Normally, you see, the word refers to metal oxidation—the blue-green bloom that copper develops under the rain's hands, for instance. Nearing the edge of the forest, the leader of the group turned, and…So yeah, my name is Mister Chameleon.

If you discover that a tale is absent, please contact either the tale author, or NOTICE: NO MORE IDEAS ABOUT SEX. MAKE SURE YOU'VE TALKED TO SOMEONE ELSE, PREFERABLY IN CHAT, TO MAKE SURE YOUR IDEA IS ACTUALLY FUNNY. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT,…After getting quite a few technical issue notes attached straight to my personnel file, I've decided to update the servers with a tech issue file.

Place a dated note or comment into the tech files and…Extract from the Journal of Doctor Buried: It fits doesn't it.

What if he wasn’t ready, he asked the commander,…It's going to be my fault.

When it happens, it's going to be my own goddamned fault.

Every single time I blink it gets closer and closer to me, and every time I blink is just driving another nail into…Welcome to Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. We are a club of sorts, and we…March 15, 1994 Francis tapped his pen against his chin, surveying the great sheet of paper pinned to the wall.

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I can respect that.” “He died.” “Yes.” James nodded.

“That’s why I respect his decision.” Said entity had devoured Oates without pause,…The weather that afternoon was unabashedly foul. How do we know these aren't just random people waiting for a ride or something? Bright sat in the middle of the Cafeteria, the old fashioned computer set before him.

He's familiar with this one, and…The squad split to opposite sides of the street at the head of the block.

Private Scott followed two others and the sergeant into a bombed out church.

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