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"The night was amazing except for the fact that Bobby had broken up with me a few days before all of this went down," Tequila wrote."I wasn't expecting it at all because I thought I had finally found someone that I was compatible with, but I guess I was wrong.She first gained recognition for her active presence on social networking websites.After becoming the most popular person on Myspace, Tequila was offered to star in her own reality television series."She never called me after the last show and no one would give me her number so pretty much I feel like and ass but we are not 2gather," Banhart wrote on his own My Space blog the day before Tequila's New Year's Eve comments on MTV."U cant have a relationship bye urself ya know." While at least one of the parties is obviously lying about the extent of the couple's post-show relationship, Banhart's statement seems to support some of the claims a source "close to the show" had told the in November, including that Tequila "arrives late," "doesn't talk to any of the contestants between takes" and "complains she has too much going on." Tequila had subsequently denied those allegations in a subsequent My Space blog posting.

It's pretty hard." However Tequila did leave the door slightly ajar, adding "if this relationship doesn't work out, then I'll definitely go back and look for love again." And according to her, that's what happened. I was looking for love and I wasn't expecting him to break up with me." Then, shortly before midnight, Tequila revealed the "big announcement" that she'd been teasing throughout the broadcast.See full summary » Rocket (Tray Chaney) is a businessman cashing in on an underground scheme to steal from criminals.Using his upscale nightclub as a way to pinpoint targets, he creates elaborate plans ...2007 - 2007Bobby Banhart was the winner of Tila Tequila's reality show, "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila." Their relationship was off to a rocky start, however, because the two couldn't go out in public until the finale aired.better known by her stage names Tila Tequila, Tila Nguyen, and Miss Tila, is an American television and social media personality.

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