The dating game with bob eubanks

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The dating game with bob eubanks

Eubanks was also one of three rotating hosts (along with Chuck Woolery and Jamie Farr) of the "0,000 Game Show Spectacular" at the Las Vegas Hilton until the show closed in April 2008.

Besides producing Hill-Eubanks's All Star Secrets, the company also produced The Guinness Game in 1979–80, The Toni Tennille Show in 1980, Buddy Hackett's You Bet Your Life revival in 1980, and Infatuation (which Eubanks also hosted) in 1992.

Robert Leland “Bob” Eubanks (born January 8, 1938) is an American radio, game show host and television personality best known for hosting the game show The Newlywed Game in several stints between 19, in addition to guest-hosting two episodes of GSN's revival in 20.

During his time on The Newlywed Game, Eubanks became known for using the catch-phrase, "Makin' Whoopee".

While hosting The Newlywed Game, Eubanks was known for using the catchphrase "makin' whoopee", in reference to marital sexual intercourse.

It was Eubanks who coined the term from the song of the same name, in an attempt to keep parents with young children from the need to explain the facts of life because of a television show.

Eubanks was born in Flint, Michigan, but was raised primarily in Pasadena, California, where he grew up listening to music, most notably favorites like Frank Sinatra and Doc Watson.

His parents, John Otho Leland Eubanks (September 28, 1905 – April 11, 1995) and Gertrude Eubanks (née Mc Clure) (February 15, 1907 – July 24, 1997), were originally from Missouri.

The Newlywed Game was also ranked as one of the top three daytime game shows, for five consecutive years, between 19, and was ranked in the top three prime-time game shows, also for five years, between 19.In spring 2010, Eubanks hosted another episode of The Newlywed Game, subtitled the "Game Show Kings" episode.This episode featured Monty Hall and his wife Marilyn Hall, Peter Marshall and his wife Laurie Stewart, and Wink Martindale with his wife Sandy.They moved to Flint during the Great Depression, where their only child was born, before moving on to California.The young boy became a child model, doing photo shoots for ads and meeting his idol, Gene Autry, when he was scheduled to do an ad photo shoot with him.

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In the spring of 1962 he was promoted to morning drive, then a year later moved to his long-running 6-9pm evening slot.