Tax consequences liquidating corporation

Posted by / 23-Apr-2017 10:57

Tax consequences liquidating corporation

Tax advisers must be aware of the Subchapter C rules, especially those concerned with gain or loss recognition on the distribution.

In addition, Subchapter S contains the rules concerning the pass-through character of income, gain and loss.

In some cases, there may be some corporate level problems, such as the built-in gains taxes.Each of these actions produces potentially taxable.… The shareholders generally recognize gain or loss in an amount equal to the difference.…This webinar will delve into a case study on the planning, tax calculations, property dispositions and dissolution filings required to liquidate an S corporation.Consequently, tax professionals advising the corporation and its shareholders must be able to calculate the tax impact for shareholders, who ultimately bear the tax burden of the liquidation.Crucial to tax-efficient planning in S Corp liquidation situations is accurate calculation of both S shareholders’ “outside” tax basis in their shares, and the S Corp’s “inside” tax basis in its assets.

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