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Speed candidating

Text Us isn’t a marketing system, it is a platform for engaging in a one-on-one conversation.

The second challenge we tackled was the ability to track and analyze the messages recruiters were sending.

Salespeople had discovered that their text messages would be read, and they would be exponentially more likely to get a response.

Understandable, since this was a new experience for everyone in the room.

Take a minute to complain and 25% of the time I’ve known you, you’ve been full of negativity. I can’t imagine a situation where complaining about your job makes you look good. If I’m a candidate, I’m avoiding all opinions about my current employer, good or bad. If I’ve only got four minutes to convince someone I’m worthy, I’m focusing on personality and skill set. One of the most surprising things from the night was the number of developers that didn’t want a job. If I were attending as a dev who had no intention of joining another company… But if I had to I’d be sure to lead off the conversation with that. No time to write more than a word or two about each candidate and a quick little ranking. I would bring a fun overview of my skills and experience with a small profile picture. In my experience, it would have put candidates on another level.

We saw tremendous success with our first staffing clients, initially in healthcare recruiting.

That was the “aha moment,” when we realized text messaging was a sales acceleration tool.

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We quickly found that top recruiters were using text messaging in their sales sequences, and the lower performers weren’t. Executives saw that, with Text Us’ analytics and reporting, they could get a direct window into recruiter usage and success.