South of nowhere girls guide to dating episode

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South of nowhere girls guide to dating episode

In a little tussle, Madison discovers Ashley’s cell phone that has fallen out of her bag and the mischief begins.A basketball scout from a major University is interested in recruiting Glen and tries to persuade his decision with some expensive gifts. The Carlin family experiences their first California earthquake, which shakes the foundation of their friendships and the marriage of the parents.Across town, Glen and Aiden find themselves stranded without a ride as part of Madison's little games.Ashley is making a documentary for a local film festival dealing with people's first experiences with sex.Spencer starts talking to Ashley about a girl she has a crush on (she is really referring to Ashley) and how she's started to develop feelings for her.Back on the school campus, police suspect that a weapon is floating around the campus and put the school on lock-down.Clay and Sean have a night from Hell as they are on their way back from the movies.

He is looking forward to forging his own identity, but finds that "being black" in L. Aiden and Spencer are there to support her, but find themselves making music of their own with a little alcohol in their systems.Spencer tests the waters with Aiden again by going out on a date with him.Meanwhile, Ashley feels like she has lost Spencer and spirals out of control, hooking up with a girl named Paige (Angela Sarafyan) and experimenting with danger.Ashley is jealous when she sees Spencer kiss Aiden, which shows that she has started to have feelings for Spencer.Ashley pulls Spencer to the side and asks her what's going on.

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