Single parent dating south carolina

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Single parent dating south carolina

Those range from poorer mental and physical health to higher crime rates, higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse, lower rates of employment, poorer performance in school, and the like.

And of course fathers suffer the loss of their children.

Of course state authorities will claim that the system was implemented to encourage marriage and marital childbearing, and discourage the opposite.

Laws everywhere are utterly out of touch with the established social science on children’s well-being vis-à-vis parenting time post-divorce.Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not in favor of stigmatizing single mothers or their children the way it used to be done.I’m merely pointing out that the absence of that stigma, plus the perfidious nature of South Carolina law have opened the door to rates of out of wedlock childbearing we’ve always known to be detrimental to mothers, their children and society generally.However, he won't be able to visit unless he decides to go to court…Kinsey said he plans to take legal action, but it's a costly endeavor.

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The State of South Carolina has a legal system that effectively denies fit fathers their parental rights.