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The attic floor contained a finished room with small fireplace which provided additional sleeping and storage space.Since no interior stair well was discovered within the first phase of the house during the restoration process, the attic may have been reached by using a ladder.Family functions took place on the middle and attic floors.Architectural evidence indicates that when the Arnolds first purchased the house it was only one room deep and two-bays wide, measuring about 15 x 14 feet.In 1800 only two years after they moved in, the Arnolds expanded the house by adding two bays to the west.

Distinguished by its gambrel roof with unusual bell-shaped profile, the house was built in three distinct stages between 17.The basement, which usually would have been a storage cellar or cooking space, consisted of a finished room accessible only through an exterior door onto the street.This would have been Joseph's "shop" or business office.Parmalee already owned other properties in town when he purchased the small empty lot in 1794.He probably intended this new building to be used for investment purposes.

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The room on the first floor would have been used for cooking, sleeping, and family living, as well as receiving guests.