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Whether you have been awarded primary custody as part of a divorce or you have been tragically widowed, raising your child or children as a single father can be an incredibly difficult challenge to undertake.

Though it can be hard, it is by no means impossible.It can be hard to allow your daughter to have affection for somebody that isn’t a family member, but it’s a part of life and you cannot stop it. He blogs about parenting issues, struggling to make ends meet, and life as a single dad. ORG is a resource website for other single fathers looking for real help (financial, emotional, and more) information.If, in the year AD 1600, you had asked an educated European how old the planet Earth was and to recount its history he would have said that it was about 6000 years old and that its ancient history was given by the biblical account in Genesis.It will take a lot of patience and a lot of time, but keeping up a good line of communication with her is absolutely vital so that she doesn’t shut you out.As a single parent, especially of a girl, you will probably feel even more protective of your daughter than when you were married.

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Here are some valuable tips for raising a daughter as a single dad.