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Single males web chat

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Don't get me wrong I know sex sites work : D I just haven't been to a swingers site before and as a single male I think... Several ive been meeting on a regular basis for over a year and have become good friends with so it does work.

As if it would work, we are the who cares group as far as I know about swingers/clubs. well personally, several cpls and fems have met me just from this site alone, even some of those, that have no sgl maleson their profiles lol its just a matter of clicking with the right ppl, no matter what is in a profile, so have fun Just to add my tuppence-worth, I too have met some fantastic people through this site, and I'm sure there are lots more I'd like to meet given the chance...

There are some really fabulous people on this site, and sooner or later one or other of them will 'click' with you. Firstly I feel your wrong in saying that single guys point of view who cares btw x Now not to sound bad here although everything on net or life is really if you want something you really have to advertise yourself above all be yourself though x As another stated it takes time n not everone will get back to you x everyone seeks something maybe it's not what you may have to offer for them however may be fir another though x So many ppl upon sites such as these are not real they just like the chase and the come back n don't have any intension of following through x The rest of us are here as it's what we feel n do x Then there's ppl that won't touch you as your not genuinised I agree there as there is heaps of time wasters I suppose it's getting known n accepted in the community as for who you are x Theres also heaps of couples bi curious n uncertain as there is singles so there held back however if someone likes who you really are and your genuine things follow through x though as myself have had near few that have not turned up it is annoying though again I think it's judge of character that you recieve what you seek x myself I've met a few lovely ppl here I'd like to keep seeing them as they do I x have perserverence n patience it's like normal life I can go to a store as anyone recieve same thing only difference is if your honest n open you get what you both seek x mwah tgc always best wishes x ps nothing worse than someone that's to inpatient x or sounding too desporste x loves n hugs kita mwah x wish yol well x play safe :d thank you guys...

All of your words have been absorbed, I am looking forwards to seeing how things go...

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I was looking at your picture & those fun bags got stuck in my head as i was writing; round bounce bounce & round again bounce bounce 2 3 4, round round round wow wow : P pmsl xxx What was we talking about agin : P lol xxx thanks again xxx Latersss xxx In my case,as a single male, I have been lucky enough to have met quite a few couples & single females through fab.

Thank you for the reply : D see you around xx Peace xx Pmsl...

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