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His patience was said to be limitless and his victims, according to one commentator, "usually succumb to frustration, confusion or plain exhaustion".Looking back in 2011 on Europe post-Maastricht, however, Lubbers admitted things had not progressed as he had hoped: "I thought the euro would be so successful it would lead to political union and that it would be attractive for other states to join.This was a mistake." Rudolphus Franciscus Marie "Ruud" Lubbers was born on May 7, 1939, into a wealthy Catholic family, the owners of a major construction and civil engineering company, in mainly Protestant Rotterdam.After education at a Jesuit college, he studied economics at Erasmus University, Rotterdam, where he was a student of the Nobel prizewinner Jan Tinbergen.In fact he almost fell at the first hurdle when, on September 30, 1991, a comprehensive scheme for political union, drafted by Piet Dankert, the Europe minister in the Dutch coalition government, was trashed by almost every other member state as too federalist.Although he could not disown the draft altogether, Lubbers somehow escaped the blame and set about working out a form of words to satisfy all.Kofi Annan initially declined to act, saying the findings were not strong enough for dismissal.

When Van Agt unexpectedly stepped down after winning an election in 1982, Lubbers was elected to succeed him and became the youngest prime minister in Dutch history.

Lubbers denied impropriety, saying he had intended an innocent "friendly gesture".

He fought for more than a year to save his reputation and job, but an internal investigation in 2004 found a pattern of sexual misconduct.

They are closely followed by Ecuadoreans at 7in, Ghanaians at 6.8in and Colombians at 6.7in.

In Europe, Icelanders are the best endowed at 6.5in and the Irish are the second smallest at 5.03in - behind only Romanians at 5.01in.

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