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Sex chat janette 9

In truth, she'd expected more protest on the grounds that she shouldn't be fighting.It was the kind of macho-bullshit that she was used to from men, but Gregory hadn't seemed to mind about the idea of her training to fight.She'd brought several flasks of water from a nearby fresh stream, dumping most of them for the pack before she'd crept up on her quarry.Keeping one for him, she immediately un-slung it from her shoulder to offer it over as soon as she was comfortable.It also didn't exactly help that she was wearing only a couple of very skimpy garments.They could generously have been described as a sort of bikini, and more accurately described as dental floss with delusions of grandeur.The clash of battle could be heard rising up throughout the clearing in which the rock sat.His left eye stung mightily, and his left knee didn't seem to be able to carry his full weight.

Plus, to be honest if I started training you I don't think we'd get a lot done." Her resolve softened slightly at that, and the fact that he wasn't going to argue with her about it.

Now he sparred with Algra Strongblood, who had offered her assistance in training the pack with her own brutal methods.

It seemed like she was going easy on Ulf, since Gregory had managed to dish out almost as much punishment as he'd been given. " A familiar voice called out from behind him; almost making him fall off the rock with surprise given that he didn't think there was anyone else around.

"Jan, you nearly gave me a fucking heart attack." He clutched his hand to his chest, not over his heart but instead over his ribs which felt like they'd knifed his inner organs when he'd tensed up. An impish smile crossed her gorgeous features before she gracefully climbed up onto the rock beside him.

In an instant she made her painful surprise all better by kissing the side of his face that wasn't swelling up and then turning to regard the training session in progress.

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"And also, I love you." He gratefully took the offered flask and popped the cap before taking a few glugs of the very welcome cool liquid.

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