Saxophone dating who has chris evert dating

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Saxophone dating

Unfortunately this does not hold true for the older Yamaha wind instruments.It seems that, by Yamahas own admission, their records from prior to 1982 are very limited....

Feel free to browse these serial number lists and see if you can work out where your model fits in, but at the same time please help yourself and others by submitting your own instrument with as much information as possible to the lists via the Serial Number Submission page.

If it has been stolen recently, the legal owner may have registered it with an online database of stolen saxophones.

There are quite a few saxophone serial number charts on the internet, these ones have mostly been adapted from existing manufacturers’ and saxophone enthusiasts’ charts.

This makes dating a Yamaha wind instrument from its serial number a difficult task.

As a general rule Yamaha can look up a particular instrument in their database upon request and provide a date.

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