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They pressed their heads together as they left the building, and were spotted laughing together as they walked through Paris.

Even this introduction's dates are party: Or now get wasted.

I started seeing Olivier after he had split from Kylie and there was no reason to believe otherwise.'Looking back now, because of all the hurtful things said about me, I would maybe have wanted more time between the end of their relationship and the beginning of ours because it wasn't easy for me having people think that I split them up.'Being painted as the 'other woman' was even more difficult because of the key role Martinez played in helping Kylie through her treatment after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2005.

The singer, who was given the all-clear in January last year, even chose to have her six-month chemotherapy course in Paris so she could share the actor's home.

-» These people need movement and change, and they like to travel.

Now, after a series of heart-to-heart meetings, their four-year romance is back on track, with the singer determined to spend a 'glorious summer' with Martinez – after which, she has told him: 'Propose or it's over'.

They are contemplative and willing to embark on any adventure. And I’ve had more girls “show interest” in half an hour on FC than I have over a period of several months on DIA.'I didn't ever question him about his relationship as I was already involved with someone else.This gives you less chance to show value on your end and makes it more important to do your due diligence to avoid girls who look nothing like their photo.This is even more dangerous given the higher number of ladyboys lurking on the site.

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It is a reconciliation that would have been thought impossible in February, when the pair seemed to have split for good, the final straw apparently coming when actor Martinez was photographed with stunning Israeli-born actress, model and artist Sarai Givati.