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Dissolved during Henry VIII's time, it is amazing to see this huge east window still standing, alone but strong.

The grounds and museum are open from November to January, the snowdrop walk is open for the month of February and the grounds are also open weekdays in March, so you need to pick your time.

Walk around the moat or picnic within the ramparts.

More on Castle Acre Castle And while you’re at the castle, why not nip down the road to the Priory.

Have a walk around it, or pay and go into the precincts of it. You get incredible views over to The Wash and also inland.

The castle and island was named after Donnán of Eigg, a Celtic saint martyred in 617 CE.You can’t fail to be bowled over by all these historical castles, abbeys and priories that Norfolk has to offer.More on Binham Priory Baconsthorpe Castle is one of the more difficult castle ruins to find in Norfolk!One of the most notable features about all the sites in Norfolk is that the castle floor plans, or priory floor plans are all so well-maintained and preserved, but at the same time giving you a chance to wander around uninhibited, producing some thought-provoking moments about life in Norman times.Get a feel for Norfolk history within these castle ruins.

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The castle was siezed by Government forces in 1692 when the clan chief joined the Jacobite court in France.

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