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Geoff got up and decided to try to calm the raging beast, "Michael, dude, calm down he's just playing the game.

Yeah it was an ass move, but you can kick his ass later.

Cuts and bruises were scattered all over the man's neck and arms.

Michael gulped when he saw a familiar set of bruises on his knees from their altercation earlier yesterday."I asked Griffon to make sure Gavin got up in time for work today and before I knew it she called me up and told me," Geoff looked like he hadn't slept either, "He won't tell anyone what happened to him.

As soon as the doors were shut and the ignition started, Michael cut to the chase."Alright man, what happened to you?

"There was a silence for a few minutes before a voice, weak from disuse, spoke quietly, "It was nothing, just some stairs."Michael stopped at the red light and turned to Gavin, "You have one set of stairs in your apartment building, Gav, and it wouldn't do all of that.

He threw his headphones down and stood up from his chair, giving the brit the best death glare he could muster.

The other guys in the room never noticed the small altercation between the two boys, and they continued playing until Ray killed Gavin and got all of the stuff he took from Michael, and managed to win the game.To be honest, the man looked like he hadn't slept a wink.There were dark circles underneath his eyes, accentuated even more with the swelling black eye.Just tell me, for god's sake."Silence was his answer, as the smaller man opted to count the cars passing by instead."Gavin." He said with a warning tone, "Who did this to you?""I'm fine."Having had enough, Michael slammed on the brakes in the middle of the Starbucks parking lot, "No you're not!

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And after I'm done kicking his ass, the guy who did it won't be either!