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Rebecca morgan dating

Her partner was gunned down at point blank range on Super Bowl Sunday in February 2008.Larry, 57, was found lying a pool of blood after being shot multiple times in the suburban home he shared with his wife."Out of respect for his intense privacy I'll just say that it was an artefact from his past that he had passed on to me," he revealed.

The 49-year-old was found guilty in 2014 of murdering him in Florida, USA.Killer Women features the Good Morning Britain host and journalist quizzing the females in US jails about the crimes they have been locked up for.In the first episode Piers travels to Lowell Correctional Institute in Florida to meet Rebecca Fenton.Crucially, the gun used in the murder was found in her car having been taken from a drawer upstairs.Fenton admits the gun evidence was "peculiar, and there's no way to explain some of this" but pointed to the fact no "gun residue" was found on her. I did not do this.” Police believe Fenton grew bored of her “perfect life” and killed Larry to start a new life with a penniless biker-type guy police believe she was seeing on the side.

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But his life insurance policy would be worth more than $1million.