Rated a for adult who is cassi davis dating

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An nc17, blue valentine was a bit violent but it was a beautiful movie and it got an NC-17 the only movies I know to get an NC-17 for violence and are STILL nc-17 are evil dead, 100 tears and this graphic WWII movie (blanking on its name) srpski film and cannibal holocaust but cannibal holocaust and srpski also had graphic sex and rape, that movie was beyond disgusting anyway and banned in many countries, but also gay sex also triggers NC-17 and I am straight and have a 1 year old kid in the UK but in defense of some of my friends they should have freedom and next... A PG-13 and horrors get an R, but in those gun dramas they are narrowing down the affects which I think is ridiculous but a great documentary, I loved it and it is ok for Tweens in the version when they blur the sex and cut violence but I bet the only reason the MPAA rated this documentary an NC-17 because it was spying on them.

This film is somewhat difficult to standardize guidelines for.

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If regardless of context you are opposed showing graphic violence or sexuality ranging from the standard detached heterosexual missionary of many films to other forms of human sexuality such as masturbation, LGBT relationships (and sex), or fetishism, than you will want to stop your children from watching this.

The large caveat is that the context is one of analysis and detachment.

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