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In the most recent episode with Neha, Kangana opened up about little known aspects of herself, being an outsider in Hindi filmdom — and the star kid she feels wouldn't have made it big if not for having famous parents!

Here are highlights from the conversation: Will the real Kangana Ranaut please stand up? I'm Kangana Ranaut, who people know very little of, maybe from interviews or their own research.

“What if someday I meet you and you tell me that you haven’t received anything, you don’t even know me, you never loved me. Will I ever recover from that revelation of that fatal reality. This syndrome people sometimes have imaginary relationship. Hrithik Roshan was continuously hacking her email accounts due to which she was forced to shut and abandon her two primary email accounts more than 8 months ago.

I have told you I have been living with you for sometime now.” In a mail sent on August 28, 2014, she writes: “Baby i feel when we start to date, i won’t like to see your pics and news on the net like this, it confuses me and it can cause complications in our relationship.” On September 3, 2014, she writes: “its just that its too hard to be sending these mails and never hearing anything back.”(DNA)On her part, Kangana’s lawyer maintains that they had complained to the police that her email was hacked. These allegations was also contained in my counter notice cum reply dated 1st March 2016, to which Hrithik has still not replied to despite lapse of more than fifty (50 days).,” says the lawyer.

There were literally no villages, nothing, not even rest rooms. Did Kangana do similarly naughty things in NY, Neha asked. [But] when you put your money together and do something, you really value every moment. So you're in sync with what the project is, what the common goal is. Worst role ever offered: I've done so many of those!

Kangana replied:] Maybe Ranbir did this when he was in film school, but we did this in school. Sometimes, even the most brilliant actors read scripts only from their own perspective. Best thank-god-they-have-famous-parents-or-they'd-be-nowhere: That's mean!

So when she was asked about her ouster from ' Aashiqui 3,' Kangana went on to say that these lame rumours have been doing the rounds and that she knew where they were coming from. Perhaps hinting at Hrithik, who was supposedly the reason why Kangana was ousted from ' Aashiqui 3', the actress said that "exes" do silly things to get your attention. In a recent tweet, Hrithik Roshanhad mentioned that the chances of him dating a pope are much higher than the women the media is linking him up with.

Hrithik, not the one to take things lying down, took to Twitter to subtly lash out at the actress, he wrote, "Ther r more chances of me having had an affair with d Pope dan any of d (Im sure wonderful)women d media hs ben naming. Though the tweet did not point a direct finger at anyone, but it did not miss our notice that the tweet came right after Kangana called him an "ex" in an interview with Pink Villa.

According to a report in DNA, Kangana's mystery man happens to be her Krrish 3 co-star, Hrithik Roshan.It could be that from watching a film you might try to project a personality onto me.Every morning I wake up with a mission to do something or the other, even if I'm not working. Changing costumes in the oddest of places: That happens all the time.I get up in the morning and first thing I google you.Try to find one new picture, one new interview, any news to start my day.

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So I may even come across as annoying, because I have to do something, whether it's gardening or painting my walls. I constantly need to work, which can be great for people around me, and not so much for others who think I can't sit back and relax. I'm usually quite content with my own surroundings. I tend to get worked up about things, I get panicky; sometimes I have a single-mindedness about thing that can make me seem a bit twisted... When you're thrown out of your comfort zone, initially it's intimidating.