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Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie are throwing a surprise party for Rainbow Dash. She is awesome at it and she likes to learn brand new recipes with great ingredients, which she can easily decorate.

The challenge is to help them prepare everything without getting caught by Rainbow Dash and spoiling the surprise. It's time to join her for a super fun cooking experie...

My Little Pony and her friends have a new room for games and need your help to decorate it and have fun.

Uses diverse and colorful things magazines, photos, pictures, windows, armchairs, cushions, ...

Now Twilight Sparkle s room is very messy and she ... Twilight Sparkle is addicted to tasty things and sweets especially.

We need to help Twilight Sparkle find all the items on her list without getting caught by Rainbow. Spend a wonderful night camping with Twilight Sparkle and Applejack.

Unfortunately, Sarah's grumpy Aunt has a long list of chores for Sarah to do...But, after a heated discussion about which pony could peddle faster, these two competitive friends decid...Rarity is known for her bottomless bag of unique outfits that she always has handy, just in case she needs to perform a last minute outfit change.Our magic friend, Rainbow Pony likes to fly through sky and train for the races, however, she wants your help to style her hair for a super secret show. Twilight Sparkle and her pony friends had a great movie night.They watched horror movies, drank and ate a lot of tasty food and played fun games. Three of the most popular Equestria Girls attending the classes at the famous Caterlot High are getting ready to dress the long, black robe and hit the stage f...

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You've been asked to help out on the family ranch, and you can't wait to spend the day grooming your favorite pet pony.