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To what extent are the variation in the cosmogenic radionuclide records caused by changes in solar activity?

What is the contribution of geomagnetic field induced changes in the radionuclide records? Can observed climate variations be related to changes in solar activity and are there mechanisms that can explain the relationship between climate and solar activity variations? Is it possible to infer past changes in the carbon cycle by comparing 10Be and 36Cl records from ice cores with reconstructions of the past atmospheric 14C concentration?

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The varying sun and its influence on our climate is one of the most controversially discussed topics in climate research.

The comparison of different radionuclide records allows us to correct for influences of the radionuclide systems and to isolate the common production signal to obtain a reliable estimate of past changes in solar activity.

By comparing radionuclide records with geomagnetic field reconstructions and climate records I am addressing the following questions: 1.

Laboratory code designations, used to identify published dates, are given to the left of the listing. for a complete list of past and present lab codes.) Please notify us of any changes in staff, addresses, or other contact information. CONVENTIONAL 14C COUNTING FACILITIES ARGENTINA AC LP AUSTRALIA ANU SUA AUSTRIA VRI Dr. Box 2989 Tehran, Iran 334 Laboratories IRELAND UCD ISRAEL RT ITALY ENEA R Rome UD JAPAN KEEA Drs. Mitchell and Edward Mc Gee UCD Department of Experimental Physics University College Dublin Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland Tel: / 2225 / 2222 Fax: WWW: Mr. Elisabetta Boaretto Department of Environmental Sciences and Energy Research Weizmann Institute of Science Rehovot, Israel Tel: ; Fax: Dr. Rodger Sparks Rafter Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences, Ltd. Pricing your parcels Once you More information List of the embassy of Myanmar in the world - Burmese embassy Australia 22 ARKANA STREET, YARRALUMLA, ACT 2600, CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA Tel : (61-2) 6273 3811 & (61-2)6273 3751 fax : (61-2) 62734357 Email More information Pan-European Launch Presentation Summary May 2012 Presentation Agenda 1.

Hector Osvaldo Panarello Pabellon INGEIS Ciudad Universitaria 1428 Buenos Aires, Argentina Tel: ; Fax: Prof. Haradhan De Biren Roy Research Laboratory for Archaeological Dating Department of Physics Jadavpur University Calcutta India Tel: ; Fax: ; Tlx: (VC JU IN) Dr. Rajagopalan Birbal Sahni Institute Palaeobotany PO Box 106, 53 University Road Lucknow India Tel: ; Fax: , INDONESIA Mr. Wisjachudin Faisal Staff of Research and Development Center for Advance Technology National Nuclear Energy Agency Jl. Agostino Salomoni ENEA Via dei Colli, 16 I Bologna, Italy Tel: ; Fax: Dr. Introduction Background Coverage and Methodology 2.

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