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Zoey and Lola come into the room and notice Quinn asleep and think nothing of it.Quinn wakes up the morning hoping that the night's events are just a bad dream but looks in the mirror and sees that her makeup is smudged.Tears come to her eyes as she stands their shocked.Logan and the girl stop kissing and Logan looks up to see Quinn standing there crying.The truth was that Logan was going to break up with her the day he got back together with Leah but then she told him that she was pregnant and he couldn't do it after she told him that.He was going to break up with Leah last night but then Leah and him started making out and that's when Quinn saw them.Quinn gets herself a drink and then sees Logan but he's talking to a girl.Quinn starts to walk over but then Logan and the girl start making out.

It was Quinn and Logan's 4 month anniversary and they were making out on Logan's bed.

A/N : Hello readers, I bet your all quite surprised to see me delving into a Zoey 101 story since I'm knee deep in Victorious and Cabbie drama in Hearts a Fire and plotting Hearts Always .

Rest assured , I still have plenty of juicy stuff ahead for Victorious but I recently added a new TV package to my cable and was introduced to Zoey 101 between my Victorious mode and got hooked .

Quinn is just thinking about Logan can move on that quick.

Logan is looking over at Quinn and notices her looking sad.

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