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I immediately apologized for my immaturity but the apologies and original post were deleted by my team in an effort to prevent more people from being offended.

Unfortunately, the deletion of these statements led several people to believe that my apology was insincere, which is why I have made the decision to release this statement.

Now, seriously, I have only ever heard this term on “The Jeffersons” so I am not sure how widespread it really was. And 50 Cent comments on the fact that Rick Ross came in at No. I went to a few shows, front row, and we talked a few times, but nothing ever really happened until he came to my town.

This big music festival came, and I went of course.

I’ve been receiving a crash course on perspectives and a very real sensitivity that exists and is an essential part of our world.We’ve kept in touch and are still pretty good friends.We text all the time and are basically just homies.With that, I’d like to sincerely apologize for any words that have been misinterpreted and may have offended any man, woman or child.The twitter situation was an immature attempt to poke fun at an infamously moronic joke.

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Only thing is he does not like his hair pulled, which sucks, because his hair is perfect for pulling.