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They experience a fundamental lack of self-worth and a mistrust of others that come from early childhood experiences (whether through some traumatic incident or through impaired early attachment experiences) and are reinforced by our culture.

The four dysfunctional core beliefs are: Sex is my most important need Viewing pornography is accompanied by self-gratification and triggers arousal, satiation and an increase in fantasy, which induce powerful neurochemical responses in the brain similar to those induced by addictive drugs and alcohol.

For the porn industry, it became the perfect drug delivery system–available 24/7 to millions of internet users right in their own home, many of whom are children.

This is called the “Triple-A engine” of driving the 57 billion dollar porn industry.

This trance-like state is the first key element in the addiction cycle, which intensifies with each repetition.The sense of isolation and hopelessness can be so severe that there is only that can help the user feel better…the cycle begins again.Secrets, Lies, and Betrayal Relations with his wife diminished as Andy’s addiction grew stronger.These uncomfortable feelings can only be “drowned”—not in a drink, but in the erotic haze that is said to be 30 times more powerful than cocaine.Addictive sexual behavior is unlike healthy sexual behavior in that it is a compulsion for instant gratification, it is associated with severe mood shifts (from the erotic haze to depression), is impersonal and emotionally detached, is not fulfilling (the addict always needs more, without feeling fulfilled), and is accompanied by negative self-worth, shame and guilt.


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