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Over the ensuing years the company gained and maintained an enviable reputation for the excellent smoking characteristics of their pipes, as well as for their unique interpretation of classic shapes, and the development of some "new" classics.

Montague Barling was still the president of the company and Williamson-Barling was still the general manager, a position in which, according to Mc Nab, he would continue to 1967.

Guss reports that Williamson-Barling actually departed June 1st 1962 to be replaced by Ronald Gibbons (Guss).

The Barlings were silversmiths in England during the latter part of the 1700's.

Sensing an opportunity, Benjamin Barling started outfitting meerschaum bowls with exquisite silver mountings, founding B. The following Gallery photos are of a "Kalmasch" (German style) meerschaum carved in Vienna with silverwork done by Benjamin Barling (marked BB) in London, hallmarked 1850. Hallmark was authenticated by silver expert Giorgio Busetto, secretary of the ASCAS (silver association[3]).

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