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Close this section with a description of your ideal partner.

Pick a few traits from your “must have” list, and let her know what you’re looking for in a creative way: Notice how this example ends with a command.

The ideal length for this section is between 225-275 words.

Of that, 70% should be about you, 30% should describe your ideal partner.

But it’s important, particularly if you’re in the market for a serious relationship.

That mistake will make you seem both less attractive and less trustworthy.

Instead of writing something like “I like to play tennis, watch football, and hit the gym,” go into a little more detail about each thing you mention.

For instance, “When a 3-day weekend rolls around, I’ll grab some friends and hit the slopes at Whistler” is way more interesting than just writing “I like skiing.”Step #4 – Describe the type of woman you’re looking for.

Research has shown that ratio hits the maximum attraction sweet spot.

Anyone can list a bunch of adjectives and call it a day.

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Match profiles have four subsections, each with a 250-word character limit: All four are great opportunities to give her insight into your daily life and personality, so make sure to fill them out.