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While it's annoying Kate seems to have sprung this project on them without warning, their unchecked snotty attitudes about it are completely unacceptable, but instead of just laying down the law, Kate in typical fashion engages with them, which just makes the whining worse.They have eight capable people here, if they would all just shush and get down to business even with all the crap everywhere, I bet they could finish up this clean-out in under 60 minutes, maybe less.He only appears at the end, outside of course, to collect his cake.Where was he this whole time, chained up to the barn? I will never understand people who keep "outdoor" dogs. I'd sooner understand an "outdoor" child you never let inside except maybe on special occasions, and even then only in the laundry room or basement. Kate spins a tall tale about how she's always loved and looked after animals.It'd be interesting to hear what a child psychologist would say about this, but it seems to me only one hug a day is very much on the low side for the kind of physical touch a child needs, though probably matters more when they're younger.Which begs the question how far back does this one-hug-a-day rationing go?

And what's pretty funny about the whole thing is Shoka is barely in it!

Why not laugh about it, share a giggle between mother and son over a funny brain fart, instead of making him feel badly about himself?

Joel's chagrined quiet little, 'I guess you're right,' says everything about how Kate spoke to him made him feel.

You have to be okay with watching a movie where you really don't much like anyone, but if you can get past that, you will be rewarded.

I've seen all the contenders for best picture this year, and that film deserves its spot in the crowd, though it won't win.

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In all my years following this show, this is one of the few times Kate looks genuinely pretty to me. I bet none of these toys got played with more than 20 minutes in their lifetime.

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