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Online classified dating europ

6 KITPLANES PRODUCT NEWS Good new items for the builder and owner of custombuilt aircraft.

12 TWICE AROUND THE PATCH News and views of what's going on in the wide, wonderful and sometimes slightly wacky world of selfbuilt aircraft; by Dennis Shattuck.

28 SAILPLANE SENSIBILITY If you really want to build a sailplane, sign up for the next SSA homebuilders' workshop; by Dave Martin.

34 CONVERTIBLE MONERAI Monnett's popular sailplanes off with additional power pod; by Dave Martin.

62 THE SQUADRON If WW-1 aircraft, and chasing the Red Baron around the skies are your things, then consider these lightweight replicas; by Dave Martin.

68 WARBIRD DIRECTORY Replicas, scale-downs and plans fit for frustrated fighter pilots; by Robert 0. 71 BOOTLEG SPITFIRE Yearning for a Spitfire lookalike, this builder turned a Sonerai 11 into a passable Battle of Britain replica, including camouflage. Pietenpol's Air Camper is a people- pleaser that proves low-and-slow can be beautiful; by Owen B. 80 PANTHER PLUS Rotec's Panther Plus owes much of its design to ultralight technology; by Dave Martin.

JANUARY,1985 2 NEW CATEGORIES-NEW INTEREST Proposed new categories for recreational aircraft could indeed spark needed new interest in aviation; an editorial by Dennis Shattuck.

4 INTERCOM Readers write in for answers to questions they have about kitplanes.

91 CLASSIFIED BUILDER Readers keep in touch through offering products, services and helpful hints. 96 KITSTUFF Whether you're down in the designer dumps or collapsing in construction clashes, put the grinstuff back on; by cartoonist Robrucha. 14 NEW FEAT Department of Dragonfly-at your service- presents new gear and brakes, plus a sneak preview; by Don Downie. 16 LORAN ANTENNA GUIDE Treat it with a little consideration-metal or plastic, fore or aft-and your Loran should give you no static; by Arnav Systems. 36 DIRECTORY OF SAILPLANES Aircraft and plans-built planes of this category for the homebuilder; compiled by Julia Downie. 38 AUSTRALIAN MOTORGILDER Veenstra's Thermite is easy to assemble before flight, and it's a cinch for cross-country flying; by Don Downie.

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40 WINDROSE IS A WINNER Irv Culler applied all his aerodynamic knowledge to develop a simply elegant solution; by Don Downie.

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