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Okanagan dating sites

Bell Canada's principal competitors are Rogers Communications in Ontario, Telus and Shaw Communications in Western Canada, and Quebecor (Videotron) and Telus in Quebec.

It is the incumbent local exchange carrier for telephone and DSL Internet services in most of Canada east of Saskatchewan and in the northern territories, and a major competitive local exchange carrier for enterprise customers in the western provinces.In the mid-1870s Alexander Graham Bell, who was Scottish-born but lived in Canada, invented an analogue electromagnetic telecommunication device that could simultaneously transmit and receive human speech.In March 1876 he successfully patented his invention in the United States under the title of "Improvement In Telegraphy" ().In 1879 Bell's father sold his Canadian rights to the National Bell Telephone Company, formed in Boston, Massachusetts earlier that year by the merger of the Bell Telephone Company and the New England Telephone and Telegraph Company, which in 1880 reorganized as the American Bell Telephone Company, initiating the Bell System.That same year the Canadian division was renamed to "The Bell Telephone Company of Canada Ltd.", eventually to be headed by U. executive Charles Fleetford Sise from Chicago who served as its first general manager.

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His device later adopted the name now used worldwide, the telephone.

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